Tuesday, September 22, 2009

OK, That's Enough

What's up with the big, illegible tags around the neighborhood? First the Moore, then Mama's, now Cafe Zoe at 2nd & Blanchard is the target:

Can anybody read this crap? Honestly, what's the point? I know that there's an essential human urge to declare "I was here." That was the motivation behind the cave at Lescaux, wasn't it? This is different. Nowhere does this tell a story or give us insight into anything. All it does is testify to its creator's ego. He thinks that the world wants to know where he's been. He's wrong. It's visual noise that wouldn't be interesting to any generation, past, present or future. So let me say right now: that's enough. Please stop. Belltown doesn't care about your tag. You're obviously not from here, so please just go back and tag your own neighborhood. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Ballard is dealing with increased tagging, and apparently the best way to deal with this is to actually not show tags.

When places get tagged and photos appear with the tags on the net or news, the folks responsible get 'cred' or just enjoy it too much...

So perhaps consider not showing the tags, unless it is a blank wall, or find other ways to report on it...