Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Far Too Seldom Do We Turn Our Eyes Toward Heaven and Ask: How Much Longer, O Lord?

Our pavement has been pillaged. Our sidewalks are in chaos. And our beasts have been mistreated. How much longer, O Lord? It's been two weeks since they took our blacktop. It used to be fun living in a work zone, but now it's become a WAR ZONE all along 2nd Avenue - from Denny all the way to Stewart. I'm ready for all this jollity to end. Please come and pave 2nd Avenue. Then all the metal monsters and jackhammers and wheezy old traffic-directin' cops will go away. And traffic will no longer snake its way single-file under my window and we will be merry and eat fried food. But when will that be, O Lord? I am a committed city-dweller, but this operation is truly trying my patience, because no end appears in sight. They'll just keep punching holes in the road bed and then fill them in. Is this part of the stimulus package? Because if it is, I ain't stimulated! Just one last question: how much longer, O Lord?

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