Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Welcome to 1st Avenue! Please Enjoy Our Scaffolds!

What's going on? When did 1st Avenue become blighted with scaffolds? Well, I guess it was a gradual thing, but now it's too prevalent to ignore. Lots of things get past me, but this isn't one of them. Let's have a look:

This is the Ellington at 1st & Clay. It appears that they're installing weather-stripping or something similar and not trying to counteract the building's groaning cheapness. As far as I know, the Ellington is a very nice, very well constructed complex.

Here's the Alex at 1st & Bell. Isn't that place done already? Apparently not, because they need a full-frontal scaffold to take care of business there, whatever that may be.

Next door at the semi-super-ugly Bell Tower, there's a baby scaffold right above the front entrance. But a baby scaffold is still a scaffold, so it counts. They're doing some renovations around there, so why not have a scaffold?

Finally, we have the lovely Terminal Sale Building at 1st & Virginia. There seems to be a lot of grinding going on. It sounds a lot like the toils of the dwarf army on the side of the McGuire, only the Terminal Sales is a much, much cooler building. My guess is that they re-mortaring the bricks, which is an upright, American thing to do.

There you have it, folks. Your guide to 1st Avenue's scaffolds of mystery. Sure, none of them are nearly as extensive as the McGuire, but they're also not as unsightly. Enjoy them while they're around!

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