Sunday, September 13, 2009

Belltown Construction!

Hey, let's check in on those two current construction project, shall we? You know, things are really moving fast. Take a look:

Last week, this was just an empty pit. This week, there's a whole foundation going. Of course, this project is a major contributor to the WAR ZONE that is 2nd & Bell. There's been so much digging and various street-hatred going on there, that it's difficult to believe it will ever end. But someday it will. Maybe. It all depends if we can pacify the mole people with gifts of concrete.

Over at 1st & Cedar, the future crazy person place, the A.L. Humphrey House, is beginning to look like a building. Take a gander:

That kind of looks like a building, doesn't it? Sure, it does. What jolly fun! And of course, here is a shot of their majestic crane:

Love that progress, willya?

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