Monday, September 14, 2009

Bad Graffiti of the Week

Keeping tabs on bad graffiti is like tending to a chronicle of hilarious dumbassery. But just when you think you've found the most incompetently-executed visual noise in the neighborhood, another one springs up to challenge your judgment. I'm all in a quandary now. Take a look:

You can find this at 2nd & Battery, which is generally where nice things are. But when you add one derelict storefront to the mix, stuff like this shows up. I'm just wondering whether this scrawl's author actually practiced ahead of time and figured his paint-pen's drippiness into the equation. Even by ultra-low tagging standards, this is just awful. It's a shame that taggers don't have licenses, because the one belonging to this guy would be revoked. So via this dumbass, we learn about tagging's rule #2: make sure your equipment is not defective. He was, however, smart enough to obey rule #1: always choose a flat surface, but rule #2 eluded him. Yes, those two rules are a lot to remember.

Buy some new equipment, moron, and try it out on a neighborhood far, far away from Belltown, OK?

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