Thursday, September 3, 2009

2nd & Bell WAR ZONE!

You know, they dig a hole here, they jackhammer a sidewalk into rubble there and next thing you know, you're walking through a WAR ZONE. It's taken a while, but 2nd & Bell has reached that point. Observe:

This really doesn't capture all the chaos and hatred. I wish I could get above it, then you'd see for true. I mean, there are at least 12 pieces of heavy equipment strewn around the intersection. And most of those are dedicated to making rubble. If you look down the block towards Battery, you'll see what I mean:

They're tearing up the street in a real big way. Gosh, what a surprise.

Not to be outdone by their comrades toiling at Bell Street, crews on Blanchard are doing their part, too. Namely, they're cutting through the road bed till they hit dirt. Look:

And yes, it's just as loud as it looks. Cutting through concrete and asphalt is supposed to be loud. The guys doing it are professional concrete cutters. They have their own truck and everything. Question: how does one decide to get into the concrete cutting business? Do you need to see a vision from God? Do you have to hate concrete from an early age? Or do you merely have to like making lots of noise? Maybe some of these things; maybe all of them. My point is that thanks to them and various other teams, Blanchard is beginning to assume Bell's WAR ZONE look. Such things happen gradually. All we need now is a big hole in the street and some wheezy old cop feebly directing traffic and telling dirty jokes to all the orange vests and we'll be Bell Street. God help us when that happens.

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