Thursday, September 24, 2009

After Hours

Sylvie Vartan. La plus belle pour aller danser

Wait, wait, I know the parody version of this tune: "La poubelle pour aller danser." And you probably thought I slept through junior high French. Not a chance, my friend.

Golly, Sylvie's very pretty, but did you see her teeth? Wow, kind of retarded. And did you perhaps know that she was born in Bulgaria? How could you?? I just found out myself! Anyhow, 1964 was really Sylvie's year. She got to meet the Beatles when they were cute and funny and didn't hate each other and she had two number one hits. This particular tune was at the top of the French charts for a whopping 11 weeks. I'm not exactly sure what the flower arranging has to do with anything (although she does sing something about the "springtime of her days," but really, flowers??), but it is a nice surreal moment. We'll be hearing from Sylvie again soon...and she'll be singing from the future! You'll know what I mean when it happens.

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