Friday, September 11, 2009

Is the End Near?

I happened by 3rd & Battery the other day and couldn't help noticing the fence around the building:

This is usually what they do prior to tearing a place down. Is that what they mean to do? Given this city's high office vacancy rate, do we really need another office building? And honestly, what the hell is Martin Selig doing anyway? I still stand behind my diagnosis that this is a dead project. If that's so, why demolish the building? Why not just let the Free Sheep Foundation run it until the economic climate improves? Yes, I've learned what the Free Sheep do since I wrote that dead project post and I fully support it. Belltown has precious little studio space, and if we want to be known as this artsy district, we've either got to put up or shut. So I say let this tiny, pathetic building stand, let some artists have studio space and have Martin Selig take a few deep breaths before doing anything unwise. I have spoken. I am Igor.

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