Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh, the Humanity!

Entre Nous on Stewart, between 2nd & 3rd, was one of my favorite places. They had great food at reasonable prices, a nice ambiance and they showed Band of Outsiders on the ceiling. But now they're gone. Witness:

Gosh, this is awful. It was really a great place. And it seemed to be doing well enough, but it was kind of a bad sign when they stopped serving lunch. I just figured that since the couple who owned it recently had a baby, it was just them trying to care for the kid. I guess that wasn't it at all. Well, I'm really sorry to see them go and I hope the former proprietors are OK.

So here's a send-off to Entre Nous. It's the dance scene from Band of Outsiders. I really don't like Goddard (I'm more of a Truffaut fan) in general, but I like this film a lot. The cafe dance is one of its better scenes.

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