Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Then and Now

Right at the very edge of Belltown where the streets turn weird, there's little salient known as Tilikum Place. There stands a statue of Chief Sealth in his very own crappy fountain. It's been like that forever. However, things were very different in the twenties:

Back then, Tilikum Place was just a traffic circle and the Chief and his crappy fountain seemed to be merely an obstacle for the jalopies of the day to avoid. Here's what it looks like in this gentler era:

The statue's the same; it's just that everything else has changed. There are really big trees, no more ads for Chesterfield cigarettes and all the old cars are gone. In addition, Tilikum Place has been made into something of an extended sidewalk - it wouldn't be fair to call it a park. At least traffic doesn't swirl around the Chief any more. So this is one part of Seattle that has changed pretty dramatically over the last 80 years.

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