Wednesday, September 23, 2009

After Hours

Serge Gainsbourg. Cha cha cha du loup

Here's a neat little fan-imation of an early Serge gem. Before he invented rock 'n' roll for the French, he was a pretty formidable jazz and latin composer. This is proof of his command of the latter genre. And although he most likely had nothing to do with this kick-ass arrangement, at least he wrote the tune. As for the dancing people in this clip, I don't think they're doing the cha cha. Sure, it looks like a few basic latin steps (one of which I'm pretty sure is the merengue), but the cha cha is more of a side-to-side affair. These dances they're doing look to be back-and-forth. But no matter. It's still a fun little video for a great Serge tune. Enjoy.

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