Thursday, September 10, 2009

This Post Has Nothing to Do with Scaffolds or Jackhammering

Our good neighbors across the street at the Castle Apartments are a lot like monkeys: curious, imitative, covered in hair and a little gassy from eating all that fruit. At the beginning of the summer, Rivoli residents began hanging out in front of the building, occasionally being too loud and incurring my ire. And so it was for several months. Recently, however, as the practice here has waned, there has been a great deal of hanging out in front of the Castle. Whereas Rivolians were quite satisfied with sitting around or playing a pointless and annoying round of hackey-sack, Castlites are more inclined to strum a guitar and chalk up the sidewalk. This is one of their works. It's kind of weird and nice at the same time. And it all goes to show that even though they imitated our practice, they are better than us, because we kind of suck. Plus, their apartments are nicer than ours. That's just a simple fact.


Anonymous said...

The other night, the castle-ites were juggling fire. Fun and safe!

Igor Keller said...

Yeah, they're better than us. Rivolians can only muster a filthy hackey-sack, while the Castlites have already discovered fire. Their monkey days are over. In a short time, they will trick us into doing their laundry and cleaning their apartments.