Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Igor!

Why, thank you, Igor! It's nice of you to remember! It's kind of weird to imagine that I moved into the newly-renovated and still-marginally-decrepit Rivoli 19 years ago today. Of course, I was a different and much more foolish person. It was also the beginning of the nineties. I'll just come right out and state the complete obvious: Belltown was different. It had friendly bums. Real artists actually lived here. Crack was not freely available. And it was very difficult to get kicked out of bars - you could yell, scream and swear, and nobody would do a thing about it. That's why there was always so much yelling, screaming and swearing coming from Belltown's bars.

If I'm not mistaken, the sun also shone with greater intensity back then. Also, most women were better looking. The streets were paved with platinum, if I recall correctly, which made driving very dangerous, as platinum is quite slick. Old people would stand around and tell us how to behave and we paid attention - rather than risk a whoopin'. Everything was perfect just as it was. In conclusion, cars back then looked pretty much the same as they do now.

That's how things were 19 years ago.