Monday, September 21, 2009

The Hatred Comes to Broad Street

Hey, all you citizens of Broad Street between 1st and Elliott! I know there aren't many of you and I assume that you already know this, but...

The hatred has arrived. Your pavement is gone. Your road is bare.

As a survivor of the 2nd Avenue's Operation Enduring Pavement, I can offer you no advice, other than that you should be patient. I can predict, however, that when Sweet Lady Blacktop comes to town, you will dance a jig of freedom. But that may not be forthcoming. It took them more than two weeks to put lay down the Sweet Lady B on 2nd. Many residents were praying for a swift, merciful death at the end of week two. But the orange-vests did return to fulfill the prophecy. They will return. You must believe.

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