Monday, September 28, 2009

After Hours

Blestyashchiye. Za chetyre morya (Beyond Four Seas)

Happy Zhanna Friske Monday! Here's Zhanna and her ex-group singing a very catchy number. At least, I hope it's Zhanna and not her sister, Natalia. They look a lot alike, just like all Russians. Well, if it's not her, let's just call it Friske Monday, OK? I dunno, you need a detailed scorecard to keep track of Blestyashchiye, which as you recall, means "shiny things" in Russian. So anyhow, yeah, since they formed up in 1995, they've had 12 changes of personnel. It just goes to prove that there are plenty of women in Russia who can dress trampy and (sort of) carry a tune.

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