Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dispatches from the WAR ZONE

Gosh, things continue to deteriorate at 2nd & Bell. Yesterday, there was this cluster of equipment poking yet another hole in the roadway:

Today, in honor of the new hole, Bell Street is closed at 2nd. In the photo below, workers celebrate the hole's creation by standing in it:

By now, I'm pretty sure that even the people working in the WAR ZONE have forgotten what they're trying to accomplish. It used to be about spreading democracy and installing new storm drains, but now it has to do with carving up the roadway for fun.

And the hatred and aggression are spreading. Even 2nd & Battery has been destabilized! They've carved large shallow trenches, because the government said so. Observe:

These diggings appear to serve no purpose. But I must caution you that no matter how much you'd like to drive your car into, then out of these little trenches, don't do it. It will really mess your car up and you probably won't be able to sue the city for not putting up a sign reading: "Please do not drive your car into this trench. It will become damaged." There are hazards like that all along 2nd Avenue, so the city is counting on its citizens to use their common sense.

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