Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fall Already?

It always happens in Seattle right after Labor Day: the light turns cold, the clouds grow dense and the air gains a chill. It is no exaggeration, it always happens right after Labor Day. There are nearly two weeks of summer left, but it's already fall here. Conversely, there isn't any point of demarcation between winter and spring/summer. It's not May 1st or Memorial Day or any specific date or event; gradually, without anyone noticing, temperatures become comfortable, the Mariners are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs and the weather becomes non-crappy. Then it's summer.

This year, we had some blazing temperatures, so it was tough to ignore the fact that summer was punching us all in the head. But now that's all over. We're not going to have those 90 and 100 degree days again for a long time. All we can expect is a lot of dreariness for the next six months, followed by a frustrating spring, topped off by a very sweaty summer. So yes, it's fall now. The good news is that all the foliage that covered so many of Belltown's myriad visual sins will be shed soon. That means Belltown will have its full-on hideousness out for all to see till next spring. And I'll be there to capture it. I look forward to this task.

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