Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dead Projects: Kung Fu Tower

Down at the corner of 3rd & Cedar, in the Rollerball Building's backyard, there is a group of humble one-story structures. Observe:

One part is occupied by the Musicians' Union, whom I hate (but that's a story for another time); the other belongs to a martial arts school which shares with a salsa dance academy and I'm neutral about them. Yes, they're very unimpressive structures, especially the Musicians' Union, which has the look and feel of an elementary school portable building. Apparently, someone thought this arrangement was a little too small-time, so they made some very big plans. Here they are:

Sorry about that stupid tag in the middle of things, but for those of you with failing eyesight, the goal is for them to construct a 17-story apartment building right on that very spot. That would mean farewell, martial arts school, farewell, salsa academy and good riddance, Musicians' Union. But never fear, this project is just plain old not happening. That notice has been up for years and it's time for somebody, like maybe me, to call them on it. Although it would be a pleasure to see the Musicians' Union reduced to rubble, it's not gonna happen. So if you've always wanted to learn spider monkey or praying mantis style kung fu, you still can. There will never be a Kung Fu Tower.

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