Friday, September 25, 2009

Coming Soon to the Moore!

There are lots of acts coming through the Moore, so it's no wonder that it took them till this afternoon to change the marquee for this evening's show. I guess Alice in Chains must've really left it all on stage last night - and I don't mean that in any kind of gross way. Anyhow, this fellow is a comedian from Tacoma. Hmmm...really? He can't possibly be funny, because nobody funny has ever come from Tacoma. Sweet people, I think we all know that the best comedians come from either Nebraska, New York or Canada. Maybe England, too, but just not Tacoma. Still, we wish Jo luck with being funny. He stands an even chance if he sticks to telling jokes about Tacoma, because, honestly, it's a place ripe for wicked ridicule. And before you start getting all concerned for Tacoma residents' self-esteem and whatnot, remember that they make jokes about people from Lacey, because why not?

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