Tuesday, September 1, 2009

After Hours

Claude François. Cette année-là

Yeah, this is exactly what you think it is - Claude doing a a French translation of "Oh What a Night." And he's wearing a silver suit - and looking kind of creepy. But I've got to say that this is one of those rare instances when a performer is actually better than his own backup dancers. OK sure, they're wearing heels and bikinis, but still, Claude's an entertainment dynamo. My favorite part is when they do those jumping jacks for no apparent reason. The original Frankie Valli version was about losing one's virginity, right? Well, this time around, it's all about Claude breaking into showbiz in 1962 - he even mentions singing "Belles belles belles." I regret to say that it was over shortly after he filmed this video, because he electrocuted himself "totally by accident" in 1978. This clip is both ridiculous and endearing. And don't those dancers just look thrilled to be there?


Jesse C. Fowl said...

dude, there is nothing right about this.

Igor Keller said...

Don't worry, he's dead. He can't hurt anybody anymore.