Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trivia Semi-Triumph!

Trivia is one of the few things I'm good at, so I'm always on the lookout for a place where I can kick my mad skillz freestyle, yo. There are a few bars around Belltown, most notably Buckley's, that have trivia nights, but last night, my friend Al, David, Bill, Al's colleagues Cara and Tanya and myself were at the Kangaroo & Kiwi for their contest of wits. It's right by Green Lake, see:

Oh yeah, it's supposed to be a bar for our good friends from Oceania, but none of them was around. The place totally belonged to the natives. I got there first. It was an hour before start time and every single table had already been claimed. We managed to snag a railing of sorts and assemble some stools. The company was pleasant and the wine was red. Before long, the match started. It was run by this British Midlander-guy. He was quite amusing. Once again, we took the name "Christ Punchers" (our host pronounced it as "Chrehst Poonchus") and hoped for the best. Some of our opposing teams were really quite large. One of them must have had at least 15 people aboard. There were six of us.

The questions weren't that bad. Some were a little tricky, but we could put in a good, educated guess without sounding too dumb. There was also a round of pictures to identify. And so the evening passed. The five rounds took about two and a half hours to get through, but at the end of it, we came in second, which won us $55. We gave most of it to David, who bought us some chow and we left with about $5 apiece. The first-place team was one of those "economy-sized" units; they had at least a dozen people, perhaps more, so yeah, no fair. I think what set us apart from the rest of the field were the answers Peru, 1991, 9 and Belgium. My experience with placing second is that if and when I return, I'll get first place. Someday we might. It was a lot of fun, although a lot of people were cheating with iPhones. I highly recommend it. It's a fine place, except that the waitress kept coming over and taking my wine away. She did it like three times - and each glass was nearly full! Anyhow, it's still a nice place. Just make sure and get there extra-early for a table.


David said...

Nice recap of a fun evening. Still feeling a bit bad about the whole Betelgeuse/Sirius thing. Back for more? Sure, why not? But we might want to reexamine the name...

Igor Keller said...

Next time, we win. I'm down for it any time. I mean, all I've got is this crummy blog. It's sad in a way. As for names, how about the Yahweh Purple Nurplers?

ALM said...

How about "Sirius? Seriously?" for a team name?

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