Tuesday, September 29, 2009

...And De-struction!

Well, it happened just like I said it would; Martin Selig's metal monster brigade is taking down that building ensemble at 3rd & Battery. And like a caring lover, they're doing it slowly. Turn on the Barry White, sweet people! Anyhow, here is a shot from last Friday:

They seem to be in no hurry at all. Here's what it looks like today:

Doesn't look like they've made any progress, no? Well, that's actually an optical illusion. Observe:

Yes, they've just scooped out all the guts. But they've done it lovingly and respectfully. And thus the building that used to house Exotique Imports meets its end.

What's next for the site? Well, way back a long time ago, I declared it a dead project. I stand by that. But why, oh why, you ask, did that nice, anonymous building cluster have to come down? It's simple; they wanted to turn the land into a parking lot. Martin Selig apparently owns the whole block, so half of it is going to be an office building with zero retail (the 4th & Battery Building) and the other half will consist of parking lot. Yeah, it doesn't happen very often in Belltown, but it does happen.

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