Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Operation Enduring Pavement: The Phinal Phase

There is one street that snakes its way from Lake Union to Puget Sound - a street where the laws of God and man do not apply. Of course, I'm talking about Broad Street. All except for two blocks of it is paved. Immediately following the conclusion of Operation Enduring Pavement on 2nd Avenue, the metal monsters turned their sights on Broad, taking its pavement and escaping into the night. That was at least a week ago. Today, the situation is unchanged. Observe:

My message to Broad Street residents (there are hardly any at all) is this: the city will deliver your precious blacktop only if you construct and pray to a large statue of Greg Nickels. That's what worked for us here on 2nd Ave. when we felt abandoned and forlorn. I recommend that you give the statue idea a try.

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