Sunday, September 6, 2009

Your Sunday Squirrel

Usually when a squirrel has his peanut, he's out of there. He runs up a tree and that's the last you see of him for a while. But this fellow climbed a wall (it was kind of freaky how easily he scaled it) and watched me for the longest time. It must have been for at least a minute, which is an eternity for a squirrel. He just stood there with the peanut in his mouth, looking at me like this:

I have no idea what he wanted. Obviously, his mouth wasn't big enough for a second peanut. He probably couldn't have told you. After all, squirrels don't speak English - although I did once have a dream about a Denny Park squirrel who claimed (in print) to speak Swedish, but later turned out to be only proficient in Turkish. Anyhow, this little guy stared at me for a while and then left.

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