Friday, September 11, 2009

After Hours

Stan Getz & John Coltrane. Hackensack

I have to be honest, I really hate a lot of Stan Getz's jazz playing. There's just something about it that leaves me cold. His style is efficient enough, but the tone and delivery are so thin and distant that there's never a feeling of immediacy or intimacy to his solos. I feel just the opposite about his bossa nova playing from the early sixties. That music is completely wonderful. Getz seems far better suited for it. Nevertheless, it's nice to hear him in contrast to Coltrane, who was all jazz, all the time and don't you forget about it. This 1960 performance catches him at a very good time - during his "sheet of sound" phase. Helping these two guys out are Oscar Peterson on piano, and Coltrane's pals from Miles Davis' group, Paul Chambers on bass and Jimmy Cobb on drums.

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