Friday, September 25, 2009

After Hours

Julie London. Bye Bye Blackbird

Hey, how about a tune in English? Well, it's about damn time! You know, I'm a little surprised at this performance. I didn't think JL appeared live anywhere. It seems that she had a crippling case of stage fight. She couldn't even sing in front of a live orchestra in the recording studio. Most of her tracks were recorded in her living room while she sat in her favorite chair dressed very frumpily. Yeah, it was just that bad. So I find this quite interesting. She looks great, sounds even better and doesn't seem on the verge of freaking out. And even though her record company tried its hardest to sell her as a sex kitten, she really was a good singer. And here's your proof. True, she was no Ella Fitzgerald, but some of her performances were on par with Peggy Lee at least.

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