Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wash Hands After Climbing Fence

The A.L. Humphrey House construction site at 1st & Cedar looks innocent enough from a distance. Well, you could say that about a nuclear warhead or some crazy person with mad kung fu skills or a guy who can't stop farting. Yes, all those things look pretty innocent from a distance. See:

Nothing wrong here, no? But if you're a handsome, dashing, curious daredevil like myself, you feel comfortable approaching a little closer. That's when things got weirder. Observe:

That's right, Honey Bucket does fences now. Am I the only one who finds this disturbing? You'd think they'd want to differentiate the brands, so that people like myself don't think of, er, human waste when they see the familiar logo on a fence. On the other hand, maybe their logo keeps people from scaling their fences for precisely the same reason. If so, then they're geniuses. If not, they've got a problem with branding. Me, I can't imagine climbing that fence - not even for all the free lumber in Belltown.

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