Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Attention Hipsters with More Money Than Sense!

A business opportunity awaits you on Bell, between 2nd & 3rd. The Import Doctor (formerly the Bug Doctor) has left the neighborhood. That's OK; they're probably a lot happier in the new location. But their space is for rent. Take a look:

You know a few years ago, it was rumored that the Lava Lounge was going to move to that space, but I guess it turned out to be just that - a rumor. So it's available to any hipster who has an impractical dream and a fair amount of money. Snowboarding shop? That'll work! High-end lumberjacking equipment? Even better! An analog-only stereo store? Delicious!

I realize that this ain't the nineties and that people with more money than sense are a rare breed at present. And the whole premise of having more money than sense is to sell to other people with more money than sense, but this could really work - if there's a lot of money behind it and the concept is sufficiently impractical and esoteric. Of course, it couldn't possibly be a restaurant. It's right smack next to Mama's, plus the alley smells like pee (and worse) year round. But everything else is totally on the table. So if you're a hipster and you have more money than sense, consider this as a base of operations. You don't even have to sell anything; you can just hang out there and think about what kind of business you want to run. It's like writing your album in the studio. And that always turns out so well! Consider it!

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