Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How's the Crazy People House Coming?

You'll recall that Plymouth Housing Group is building a place for homeless crazy people at 1st & Cedar. I walked by the A.L. Humphrey (not to be confused with the Humphrey at the 2nd & Blanchard vortex) the other day and it looks like they're just pushing dirt around. Observe:

Yeah, not exciting. I'm the king of that. Here's one thing that makes it different from so many other recent Belltown buildings: there's no parking garage. That's right, no big hole in the ground for that. Why not? Because crazy people don't drive, hence no cars, hence no garage. They might imagine that they can drive, much the same as one of my El Rey neighbors imagines that he's jogging when all he's really doing is emphatically walking. They may think that they can drive, but they'll also be walking - maybe not as emphatically as Crazy Non-Running Guy, but walking just the same.

One new development over the last week is that they've taken out the annoying cedar tree just past the site. (You can see it off to the far right in last week's shot.) But now it is no more. Here it is on display:

I really disliked this tree. It served as a shelter for some of Belltown's messier bums. Even though there was a garbage can about ten feet away, the place was always strewn with litter and worse. Naturally, I blame the tree for that. The tree and society. Damn straight.

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