Saturday, July 18, 2009

Possibly Quite Beautiful

I was out walking around tonight and I happened upon the sunset. It was lovely even though it was outside Belltown. More importantly, though, it made the ships at anchorage in Elliott Bay look very nice. Witness:

This reminds me a lot of Istanbul at dusk. I'd be up on some roof in Sultanahmet and there'd be ships in the harbor. But instead of three, there'd be 50 - all at anchor, spread out over the horizon, with all kinds of other boats weaving around them in the typical chaotic Turkish fashion that I love so much. And I'd think that I should take a picture of them to preserve for all time, but then the muezzin would start singing for evening prayers at the Blue Mosque and a drunken Australian (redundant term??) or two would try to start something with some Dane or German and the Scottish folks I was playing backgammon with would tell me how they pretend not to speak English when Australians are around, which was generally a tough sell because they looked so very Scottish. But then things would calm down and it would get dark, which was just the beginning of a new set of problems. Anyhow, tonight's sunset was fantastic - beautiful in fact. And like all beautiful women, Seattle has a way of getting back at you for all perceived slights you may or may not have committed over time. It's called winter and it's very heavy. I'm glad that there's a summer, even though it makes me sweat. At least I can enjoy the ends of days without attracting too much attention. They're pretty spectacular. Observe:

Perhaps this is what my soul looks like. But perhaps not.

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