Monday, July 13, 2009

Gosh, That Didn't Take Long!

Last weekend brought the tragic news that Saito's had closed. Yes, bad tidings indeed. I loved that place. It was right across the street. But this weekend, some guys pulled up in a truck, unloaded a bunch of stuff, repainted the outside and hung up a sign. Citizens, let us welcome the V-Bar!

I'm really glad that something is going in there so quickly. I would hate to see the place lie fallow and become a graffiti magnet, but here's the thing: within two blocks - just on 2nd Ave. alone - there are three other noodle places. Let's see, there's Buddha Lounge, Noodle Ranch and Kushibar. All have their own specialties and following. I hope the V-Bar can cultivate their own following by serving up cheap eats and drinks. If they can do that, make me a permanent reservation! Anyhow, I wish them tons of luck and welcome them to Belltown.

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