Sunday, July 12, 2009

Your Sunday Squirrel

Hey, it's time for a new feature. It's called...Oh right, I already wrote it in the title. You know, Denny Park isn't in Belltown, but it's very close. I go there a lot, because, well, it's one way of dealing with my existential crisis. It just so happens that at least half a dozen squirrels live there. Some are bold and friendly and others are dumb and skittish. I like squirrels a lot. Some people do not. They consider them rats with bushy tails. Or, if you're a hillbilly, you consider them dinner. I'm just curious, are squirrels really tasty or is it just a matter of adding a lot of salt? Anyhow, I go to Denny Park and feed whoever is around and foraging. And I try to take pictures. This is really difficult because my camera has what they call "shutter lag" - there's about one or two seconds between the time you press the button and when the camera takes the picture. Ordinarily, this is OK for all other situations, but squirrels are quick, twitchy little creatures who don't stay in the same spot for long. The result is usually pictures of empty lawn or pathways or a stray leg or tail. But only once have I taken a picture like this:

Ladies and gentlemen...Mr. President...Your Holiness, I give you the blurry squirrel - or the blurrel. Please enjoy. I'll post a non-blurrel next Sunday. And remember our new, no-nonsense slogan: "Hideous Belltown. We know Denny Park squirrels. It's our way of avoiding more pressing concerns."

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