Thursday, July 16, 2009

After Hours

Charles Trénet. La mer (NOT Lamer)

This is one of those "aftermarket" videos, but it works well with this tune, which is quite fabulous. My only gripe is that the ending sounds like something from Nat King Cole's Christmas album. Yes, it's a bit overwrought, but otherwise a lovely arrangement. I was going to contrast it with Bobby Darin doing the English-language "Beyond the Sea," but every one of his versions on the YouTubes is so relentlessly smart-alecky and/or lounge-lizard-esque that I can't embed in good conscience. It's weird, Darin was super-cool until 1963, then he became this guy who made it a point to invest no effort into his performance. I'm told that the Kennedy assassination really hit him hard. But wouldn't he want to try harder to bring joy into people's lives? I know I would. For a sampling of what Darin was about at his prime, tune in tomorrow. Anyhow, most of this has nothing to do with Charles Trénet. He was a fine singer. Damn straight.

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