Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Belltown Challenge: TV Stations vs. Jewish Newspapers

Welcome once again to this installment of Belltown Challenge! This time around we look at TV stations and Jewish newspapers. Believe it or not, Belltown contains both. Instead of leaving you in suspense, let's get right to it. First, TV stations.

KIRO is Seattle's CBS affiliate - supplier of my weekly dose of CSI: Miami. It stands at 3rd & Broad:

KIRO has been at this location for decades. Up until about ten years ago, it was owned by kindly Mormons, but now it belongs to Cox Enterprises, a smallish congolomerate. No telling whether they're evil. As long as they keep sending David Caruso my way, I will suspend judgment. Another thing about KIRO is that they have very nice grounds. The best time to see them is in the spring when everything is in bloom, but they're passable now:

So there you have it, one television station. Yes, KOMO is down the street at 4th & Denny, but it's on the non-Belltown side of the street, so it doesn't count.

OK, now to Jewish newspapers. Our attention turns to 3rd & Lenora:

These are the offices of the Jewish Transcript newspaper and the Seattle Jewish Federation. You'll recall that three years ago, a crazy guy from Eastern Washington named Naveed Haq went on the rampage here after forcing his way into the building. He was pissed off about Israel's invasion/pulverization of Lebanon. So what better way to show his dissatisfaction than to start shooting people? He killed one, wounded five and gave up once his anger subsided somewhat. Following the incident, the Jewish Federation renovated their offices, reinforcing everything in case another pissed off crazy guy should get big ideas. If zombies ever attack, I'm taking refuge at the Jewish Federation. Nothing's gonna get in there.

Well, it just so happens that the Challenge results in a tie! Well, sometimes life is like that, folks! No winners, but no losers. Everyone is equal and equally miserable. Wait a second, that's communism! My apologies! Next time I promise there'll be a winner. It's more American that way. Till the next Belltown Challenge!

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