Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rain Man Says: Definitely 103 Degrees... Definitely 103...

Once again, DON'T LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THIS PICTURE!!! Today was an all-time record high in downtown Seattle - and by proximity, Belltown, too. Hooray for us! At the time I took this shot, both the camera and I were delirious from thirst and exposure. We're much better now. I spent most of my day at the movies. I paid for one and saw three, including one about talking guinea pigs. Oh, how they talked! They always had things to say that ordinary talking guinea pigs couldn't ever think of! They were generally much sassier. But after that was over, I had to go outside. Yes, it was hot! And it still is. At 99 degrees, tomorrow is going to be a comparatively mild, but we'll still be hotter than Miami, Brownsville, New Orleans and New York.

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