Friday, July 17, 2009

Suddenly...Street Fair!

I was just walking down to Bell Street yesterday evening to see if the Recovery Cafe's former (and future) headquarters had any more visible signs of demolition when I heard a band playing some wonderful, unusual Balkanesque stuff. I looked across 2nd and lo and behold, there was this tiny little street fair going on on Bell, between 2nd & 3rd. Observe:

This is the band, the Orkestra Zirkonium. They sounded quite nice.

I have absolutely no idea what the occasion was for this little gathering, other than to celebrate this whole Bell Street Park future-fiasco and glorify Zip Car. Nevertheless, it's kind of neat to have something that seems so spontaneous going on just a block away. Unfortunately, I had a film scoring function, so I wasn't able to linger, but the next time this happens, I hope somebody tells me.

Oh, and the Recovery Cafe building has sadly sustained no additional destruction. When it does, though, I'll be there.

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