Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Speaking of Exterior Repairs...

This looks like a terrible job. These poor guys working on the side of the Devonshire at 5th & Wall are all about grinding down the entire side of their building in incremental amounts. This results in clouds of dirt and grit blowing all over the place. People walking by get showered by particles, but my sympathies are with the guys doing the work. They've been at it several weeks now and that one patch of building they've been grinding away at the whole time doesn't look any better than the rest of the exterior. In fact, it looks worse. Gosh, talk about a lack of job satisfaction. Here are some photos:

It's like that all day every day. And it's loud, too - just as loud as you'd think that grinding off the outer surface of an old building would be. But let's wish those non-dwarfs luck in their quest to rehabilitate the Devonshire's exterior.

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