Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Txori's Running of the Bulls!

Although Saito's is gone (*sniff*), there are other restaurants here in the 2nd & Blanchard vortex. Txori is a nice little place serving Basque-inspired tapas in a space that used to be an art gallery. Since they running the bulls in Pamplona, the Txori folks have decided to do the same. You know what they say, "As in Pamplona, so goes Belltown." I swear to God they say it all the time around here. Of course, live bulls would fare poorly in Belltown, so they've fashioned their own creations. Observe:

Question: how does this guy run when he's built on chairs? Here is a lesser effort:

Well, at least it has wheels. I'm not exactly sure how they ran the bulls, if at all. Last year's contest was much more straighforward; they mounted papier mache heads on shopping carts. Luckily, I just happened by when they were getting ready to go and took a little cell phone movie, which later made its way into my "18 Seconds of Not Much" series. Enjoy!

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