Monday, July 13, 2009

After Hours

Bulat Okudzhava. Posledniy trolleybus (The last trolley bus; NOT "The Last Blue Trolley")

As Soviet-era bards go, Okudzhava places far behind Vladimir Vysotsky in terms of popularity. Okudzhava was the observer; Vysotsky the instigator. Okudzhava was quiet and introspective; Vysotsky's gravelly bellow and spittle-projecting delivery made him the anguished voice of late-Soviet malaise. But I really like Okudzhava's sensitive approach and reedy (three-pack-a-day) voice. Nobody does alienation like him. Yeah, I'm feeling that. And this video suits the song well, even though it was filmed on a streetcar. So yeah, Vysotsky's got the volume and the passion, but Bulat has the artistry.

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