Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Voters' Pamphlet Is Fun!

I always forget that local elections can really draw the oddballs out of the woodwork. Take this year's race for King County executive for instance. It's an important job. You're basically governor of King County, the most populous county in the state by far. In comparison, mayor of Seattle is small change. They can say bad things about you in Bellevue, Renton or - God forbid - Kenmore, and there ain't a thing you can do about it. But as King County executive, all of these places bow to you. Heck, the last guy in that post got hired away by Obama, so yes, it's an important job.

This year, there are eight people running for exec. Most of them seem sincere, if not completely inexperienced in the Byzantine complexities of King County government. And then there's Goodspaceguy. He's a little odd. Go read his blurb right now. It's about the most hilarious thing you'll see today. It's features funny platitudes ("Balance is needed"), an odd obsession with Vancouver and much more. Not only is he completely unqualified, but throughout his statement, he's the only candidate (except for frontrunner Dow Constantine) who refers to himself in the third person. "Goodspaceguy wants this... Goodspaceguy doesn't want that..." and so on. It's darling. There's one thing that Goodspaceguy really, really doesn't want: for people to drown in a tunnel that hasn't yet been built. He also mentions Spaceship Earth. What about Spaceship King County?

I'm wondering, if he's Goodspaceguy, is there a Badspaceguy who acts as his nemesis? And if he's elected King County executive, will this interfere with the quality of his work? Check out his infrequently-updated blog for even more information. Hmmm... Colonize space, eh? Did you think that also might interfere with his Earth-job of KC exec?

I really wish Goodspaceguy the best. He's up against a tough field, so his chances might be in doubt. If he should actually lose, I would like to extend a cordial invitation for him to come to Belltown and let loose with some of his wackier ideas. We promise to give them serious thought.

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