Thursday, July 16, 2009

Demolition Derby!

Well, it's been a long time coming. The building's been empty for a while and it's been attracting graffiti and whatnot, but something is finally happening. The Recovery Cafe's former two-story headquarters at 2nd & Bell is being demolished in order to build a new, shiny four-story command center. For the time being, the program that provides food service job training has moved down the street to 2nd & Stewart, where FareStart used to be located. As you might recall, FareStart also provides food service job training. All I can tell you about them at their former location is that I once went in there and ordered a sandwich. The place was completely empty and I was starving. I placed my order with the only guy in there and he proceeded to go in the back, make himself a sandwich, eat it and then he made mine. I sat there in complete disbelief. It took more than half an hour. I would have canceled my order, but I was ready to eat my own arm and I firmly believed that my sandwich was forthcoming at any moment. The worst thing about all this was that the sandwich was actually terrible; the bread was stale and this sandwich-eating dingus put alfalfa sprouts on it. Yuck! OK, so that was my first and last time there. FareStart has since moved to 7th & Virginia in the Denny Neutral Zone (DNZ). I really don't feel the need to pay them a visit. As for the Recovery Cafe, I'm hoping that their new operation will be more open to the public and more deli-oriented. Belltown has precious few delis for some reason. Yes, those that are here are stellar (especially the Buffalo Deli), but there are so few of them. If there is a retail operation, I hope that it's superior to that of FareStart from yesteryear.

Anyhow, I'm going to try to keep track of the daily demolition of the building as best I can. Here's what it looked like yesterday evening:

OK, so there's a lot more destruction to come. Stay tuned.

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