Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So THIS Is What 97 Degrees Feels Like!

That bright thing in the middle is the sun from 1st & Cedar. DON'T LOOK DIRECTLY AT IT!!! You know, I was going to wait and go out after dark to bask in the latent heat, but I got tiny-one-bedroom-apartment fever and had to leave. I remembered that there was a thermometer on the Wells Fargo Bank at 4th & Denny. I wanted to get a picture of today's blistering temp. But alas, they took it down without my knowledge sometime this winter. That was OK. The walk over there was actually pleasant - 4th Avenue is the way to go; it has huge, shady trees. Coming back, though, I became a total sweat goblin. Jeez, I know morbidly obese people who sweat less than me. But am I sorry that I stepped into all that hot, hot heat? Not at all. I prefer scorching days to gloom. I guess I'm in luck here, because tomorrow there's 0% chance of gloom, but the mercury will probably top 100 degrees. They say that we even might reach an all-time high. Gosh, thank you, global warming! Everybody's gonna think we're great. Anyhow, I hope that everyone is dealing with the situation in a dignified manner.

Good luck tomorrow! There will be no escaping the sun!

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