Wednesday, July 15, 2009

After Hours

France Gall. Baby Pop

There is nothing about this video that isn't annoying: the song, the singing, the sound, that parrot and those poorly-rehearsed dancers. What the hell is up with them? I guess nobody had any idea how to make a music videos back then. They probably brought along their aged Russian ballet coach who kept bellowing: "Vee must be gwaceful! Gwaceful!" And aren't they? Uh, not really. They're just weird. As for France, she's adorable, but damn, she can't sing worth beans in a basket. And adding to the spiral of dissatisfaction, this clip ends all wrong. Sure, we want the song to finish up as soon as possible, but it just cuts out. It needs to end, but not like that. No, no, not like that.

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