Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hooray for New Construction!

Gosh, it's about time! Just when it seemed like Belltown was playing host to more dead projects than you could shake several sticks at, along comes a real one. I wrote about it (along with everybody else) in May and I still think it's a fine idea, even though living near crazy people, as I do, is not glamorous. Nobody suddenly becomes lucid and tells you the meaning of life. No, it's mostly people standing out front, smoking and jabbering crazy disjointed nonsense. Occasionally somebody starts screaming what they had previously been jabbering and that's pretty much the day. I promise to write about my experiences living next to the El Rey sometime soon. It'll be a pretty long post, since there's a whole lotta crazy going on over there.

Anyhow, they really are working on the site at 1st & Cedar and here's your proof:

Good news: everybody on the construction crew looks sane! I will try to swing by every week and take a photo.

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