Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bad Graffiti of the Week

Now that the dumpsters have been cleared out of the alleys, where, oh where will taggers express themselves? The answer: just about anywhere. Observe:

Behold, the mailbox at 2nd & Lenora. It's not the kind you throw your hate mail into (that's right next door), but rather some guy from the post office dumps off a tub of hate mail (some of it may be addressed to lucky, lucky you!) which is then picked up by the mailman or the fe-mailman for speedy delivery to your apartment, condo or shopping cart filled with garbage. The reason why I feature this is that a month ago, this had nothing on it. Now it's got lots of indecipherable scrawling on it. I blame this whole thing on the Clear Alleys Initiative. You know, I don't fear change, but I really preferred the dumpsters. Yes, it was a sad statement about society that they had to be kept locked, but it was far better than having trash indecorously pile up in our most scenic alleyways. That's what is happening today. And those poor dumbass taggers have no creative outlet. The result: bad tags on mailboxes.

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