Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And De-struction!

The manual phase of the Recovery Cafe's demolition is over. Now the metal monsters have moved in to speed things up. That's too bad. I was really hoping they were going to be taking it all down by hand. Hey, it's possible; there's a lot of cheap labor out there (including myself). Why rent a metal monster when you can hire 20 guys (I wish I was one of them!) to vent their anguish with sledgehammers and crowbars? Well, obviously they've gone in another direction. Here's what gives:

There's a metal monster breaking through walls in the back while a guy keeps the dust down with a hose. So everything smells like wet rubble. Yum! And the whole operation is pretty noisy. In the last hour or so, they've brought in an excavator to take on the 2nd floor. That's always fun to watch. I will keep you posted as they take more chunks off the place.

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