Wednesday, July 22, 2009

After Hours

Serge Gainsbourg. Du jazz dans le ravin

Another gem from Serge. The year is 1964, not 1961. Shortly before he invented the French version of rock 'n' roll, his music became quite jazzy. This is one of the best examples. Unlike much European jazz of that era, this number swings nicely. Since the days of Django Reinhardt, the French have been pretty good at that sort of thing. Yes, I know that Django was as Belgian as Jacques Brel, but he spent most of his career in France, so there. My point is that it took considerable time for the Germans to attain that certain jazz feel. To this day, the Swiss and many Scandinavians still have trouble making it happen. But not Serge and his band. They had it all figured out in the early sixties.

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