Wednesday, July 1, 2009

For No Reason at All: Dandelions!!

I don't own a yard, so I guess I'm free of the innate yardowner hatred of dandelions. I like them in a box. I like them with a fox. And it really is nice to see a nice vibrant yellow in the midst of a whole lot of barren and squalor. So yes, when I spotted this cluster of dandelions near the corner of 5th & Battery, I made sure to record their harmless niceness. Witness:

I like the way my camera will abandon resolution for sheer color when I'm using the zoom feature. My AE-1 (the AK-47 of SLR cameras) would never do that. Anyhow, there are your dandelions. Say it with me now: All hail, King of Weeds!

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Jim said...

It is hard not to admire organisms which have so readily risen to each and every occasion served them by the process of evolution. (If you believe in that sort of thing, of course. Perhaps it was simply God's doing 6,000 years ago when he created the universe in six days.)