Friday, July 31, 2009

Billy King Returns, Part Zillion

Some weeds are so virulent that there is no poison or garden implement that can kill them. Sure, they might give you the impression that you've won, but they always come back. They're just too tenacious to be taken out. I feel that way about Billy King and his series of storefront galleries. His last location was at 1st & Virginia, right next to the Virginia Inn. The VI expanded last year and that was the end of Billy. Or was it?

No, it was not. Billy's current digs are at Western & Lenora in a former carpet store. How many incarnations has this been? If memory serves, this is at least the fourth or fifth. I really admire his tenacity. I haven't been in to see what he has for sale, but I'm sure he has a few interesting pieces. He usually does. I would encourage you to pay him a visit just to meet a true art-survivor. Plus, he's a hell of a nice guy.

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