Monday, July 6, 2009

One Side of the Frank's Produce Truck

Frank's Produce isn't in Belltown, but the truck is here all the time. I'm not sure why, because it never appears to be making any deliveries. That's just fine. It's really wonderful to look at. I welcome it to Belltown any time it wants to show. By the way, Frank's is the best place to buy produce in the Market. Even though I'm no big fan of vegetables, I'm a follower of Frank's. Anyhow, I love their truck far more than any vegetable. Observe:

Isn't that spectacular? You've got the - what are they? - the Alps looming over rows of - what are those? - tomatoes. And it's all done with an air brush. It's way better than some unicorn floating out in space or a naked chick riding an angry-looking lion. Really nice. I would have taken a picture of the other side but there was a street light pole right in the middle of the shot. So you'll just have to wait for that. It's worth it.

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